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The SalusDetector is a compact and portable device designed to quickly and easily detect hidden cameras, and GPS trackers.

With its simple interface and advanced technology, you can use it to protect your privacy and security wherever you go. Just turn it on, scan the room, and the SalusDetector will detect signals within a range of 0.2-5 meters, and it alert you with an audible beep. The infrared light feature also effectively helps locate cameras by reflecting the LED light from the camera right back to you. The infrared detection can locate a wide variety of cameras such as infrared, non-infrared, pinhole, hidden, wireless, and wired cameras.


Protect Your Privacy - Hidden cameras can be used to capture images and videos of you without your knowledge or consent. The SalusDetector can ensure that your privacy is protected and that you are not being recorded without your permission.

Ensure Your Security - Hidden cameras can be used for criminal purposes, such as stealing sensitive information, blackmailing or spying. The SalusDetector can help detect these cameras and ensure your security and safety.

Maintaining Confidentiality - In business, legal, or healthcare settings, confidentiality is crucial. The SalusDetector can help detect any hidden cameras that may be present and ensure that confidential conversations or information is not being recorded.

Avoiding Legal Liability - If you discover hidden cameras in your home, office, or any other location, you could potentially sue the owner of the property for invasion of privacy. By using The SalusDetector, you can avoid legal liability by detecting any hidden cameras and taking appropriate action.

Promoting Peace of Mind - Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are not being recorded without your knowledge or consent.

Who Should Use This?

Hotel/AirBnb Guests - Hotel guests can use this to ensure their privacy and safety while staying in a hotel room'

Homeowners - Homeowners can use a hidden camera detector to protect their privacy and detect any hidden cameras that may be present in their homes.

Anyone Concerned About Their Privacy & Safety - Anyone who is concerned about their privacy and safety can benefit from using this to detect any hidden cameras that may be present in their environment.


Alarm Mode: Sound Vibration

Working Range: 0.2-5 (m)

Scope of application: 0.2-5M

Charging port: Micro USB

Working time: 25 hours

Dimensions: 93*44*15 (mm)

Weight: 150 (g)

Customer Support

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