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QBounce - Silent Basketball 2.0 - Indoor Basketball - Hot Sale 50%

QBounce - Silent Basketball 2.0 - Indoor Basketball - Hot Sale 50%

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Introducing QBounce - Silent Basketball! The perfect basketball to work on your handles without making any noise at all. Perfect to use in houses and apartments. This ball dribbles great on carpet, hardwood, or any surface!


Our QBounce - Silent Basketball is designed to revolutionize the way you play, practice, and enjoy the game. With its innovative technology and noise-reducing features, this basketball offers a unique and immersive experience for players of all skill levels.


Say goodbye to the loud and distracting sounds of traditional basketballs. Our QBounce - Silent Basketball allows you to focus entirely on your dribbling technique without the clatter, making it perfect for late-night practice sessions or indoor games where noise control is essential.


Material: Our silent basketball is made of high-quality PU Foam, which is comfortable in your hands, very elastic, super soft, bouncy, and easy to grip. This ball is a bit lighter than a normal regulation basketball and not the same weight. This way your furniture remains intact while practicing!


Soft & Quiet (no sound)

No need to inflate

Dribble anytime and anywhere

Works on hardwood, carpet, and any surface!

Normal men’s basketball size

Weighs 300 grams


Level Up Your Game

Increase practice time with the QBounce - Silent Basketball.  Every detail is meticulously crafted to provide the same feel as a regular basketball but without all the noise!

Silent On All Surfaces

Training ball-handling skills have never been easier!  Add new moves to your bag of tricks, all in the comfort of your living room, while not disturbing anyone!  We guarantee you will see an improvement with just 5 minutes a day!


SUPER BOUNCY BALLS: are solid with a smooth icy texture and bounce well on all different types of surfaces

SIZE: These brightly colored bouncy balls are not tiny like other bouncy balls. Because they are nice & big they bounce really well, higher than other balls. They can bounce pretty far if you’re not watching! Kids will enjoy hours of fun playing with them

BRIGHT ASSORTED COLORS! GREAT FOR PARTY FAVORS: Our QBounce - Silent Basketball come in a variety of multicolors and are translucent. They are very useful for working hand-eye coordination and the fun bright colors makes them hard to lose. Perfect toys in bulk for goody bags, birthday party favors, bulk toys for prizes and carnival prizes

HIGH QUALITY & FUN: Made of high-quality materials these rubber balls for kids have consistent roundness, density, bounce height, and assembly quality. They will not split easily and offer you the greatest value

The Perfect Gift For Hoopers!

Ready to dominate the courts? The QBounce - Silent Basketball is designed to perfectly replicate the bounce of a real basketball. This provides a seamless and realistic practice experience without compromising on performance, making it the perfect gift for anyone wanting to improve their game in 2024!

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1*QBounce - Silent Basketball

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