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Baby Potty Training Underwear

Baby Potty Training Underwear

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Be wary of over-reliance on diapers, which may affect your baby's ability to use the toilet independently. Diapers can cause your baby to get into the habit of throwing up as soon as he urinates, which can affect the storage function of your child's bladder. Excessive use of diapers can rob your baby of the ability to hold its urine.

So we've introduced these Baby Potty Training Underwear, it is the Bridge between diaper and underwear for Toddlers and Babies. Perfect for your toddler to learn potty training, saves lots of changes of outer clothes. Material is nice and soft, prevent baby diaper rash, no stimulation for baby. 

Made by Parent for Parents

Beryour Baby brand are always stick to what are parents concernd and what's the best for baby. We are always on the side of caution when it comes to ingredient-Organic Content, Global Recycle Contend, Pure Cotton and No Chlorine. Safety material and catch-eye-ball prints make the potty training process healthier and easier. Beryour Baby training pants are perfect for daytime wearing- Garden, living room, car trip or nap time. At the same time, they are also great for night time for trainied baby because there is TPU layer to absorb small accidents.


【USA Quality & Innovation】All the fabric of our training underwear is ingredient-Organic, Global Recycle and No Chlorine. Outer layer is 100% cotton. Inner layers are cotton+muslin+TPU, increasing maximum softness and the absorption of urine. It is cloud-soft to wear and kind to sensitive skin, helping to prevent diaper rash. Machine-wash, Dryer-Safe, Washable, Durable and reusable for multiple uses.

【Leakproof 6-layer structure】Toddler training pants are 6-layer, so they can contain a few accidents and hold fluids well. But they don’t soak up as much liquid as a nappy, they are instead designed to give toddlers (and parents) that crucial early warning and reach the goal of potty training. It is recommended to wash it in water before wearing it to maximize its effectiveness.

【Snug Fit】​Comfy stretch waistband and leg holes for greater fit and easy pulling up and down. Washable and reusable designs save you tons of money from disposable diapers

Getting to Know About Training Pants

How training pants work?

Training pants absorb pee but can not make it as dry as diapers do,so your baby may feel not that comfortable,and in this process your baby also comes to learn how to control and hold pee poop.

How to train baby pee?

 The Importance of Toilet Training

It brings them Independence and Confidence

Toilet training allows your child to develop a huge sense of independence as they are in control of going to the toilet themselves and don’t require you to change their nappy. If they have an accident when they are learning to go to the toilet, they will be able to change themselves into their clean clothes. It is important for you to allow them
to change themselves and to help if it is needed  this will make them feel capable of being able change their own clothes. They will begin to feel confident in themselves every time they go on the toilet as they know they can do it by themselves.

Milestone for the toddler and parent

Toilet training is a milestone in both the toddler’s life and the parents’ life. It’s a time where the child is starting the process of being able to take care of their own hygiene and a parent’s process of seeing how much they have grown and developed.


  • Material: Body fabric - 100 % Cotton
    Inner layers are cotton+muslin+TPU
    Gauze fabric - 100 % Cotton


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