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Alignment Pillow - Hot Sale 50% OFF

Alignment Pillow - Hot Sale 50% OFF

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Sleep Pain-Free, Awaken Invigorated, and Experience Enhanced Day.

When was the last time you experienced a morning without any pain? You're not alone. As someone who sleeps on their side, if you don't lie completely linear, your upper leg descends, creating pressure on your lumbar area, twisting your hip, and your knees converge, inducing discomfort. Neglecting this could precipitate more complex health concerns like nerve injury in your lower back, persistent discomfort, and potentially lead to drastic measures like surgery.

Effortlessly Combat Hip Pain & Sciatica During Your Slumber

Research from the University of Rochester indicates that the primary cause of hip pain and sciatica is sleeping on one's side without adequate support, leading to spinal misalignment.

Inserting the Revoget Alignment Pillow between your legs targets the fundamental reason for your discomfort, equipped with features validated by science to bolster the neck’s spine and facilitate its healing, rejuvenation, and realignment.


- Reduce Stress & Tension. Sleeping with our leg pillow prevents rotating and pulling the spine out of alignment. This twisting pressure on the lower back can irritate the sciatic nerve. 

- Improves Blood Circulation. The elevation created between your legs will help blood flow through the entire body at night.

- Total Body Alignment. By keeping the knees on top of one another, your spine and hips are perfectly aligned, which is also better for your posture during the day. Less pressure, more comfort! (see picture)

- Opens Airways. Side-sleeping with our pillow helps your airways to open up more during the night. Keeping your spine aligned lowers the chance of sleep apnea.

- Innovative Design. 
The flexible elastic strap ensures the pillow stays in place during the whole night. The zipper makes it easy to remove the cover and machine wash it. Exclusively ventilated; to be used all year round!

Recommend By Medical Professionals

Physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists trust the SmoothSpine Leg Pillow because of its superior design.

Product size: 23*13*25CM; Product material: cationic fabric

Customer Support

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