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Konix DiamondCut LymphDetox Magnetherapy Earrings(Limited Time Discount Last Day

Konix DiamondCut LymphDetox Magnetherapy Earrings(Limited Time Discount Last Day

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I have never been a fan of the gym. That’s why I always look for something that is not strenuous but helpful and these Konix Diamond Lymphvity Magnetherapy Earrings have changed my mind. I was looking for something that would help reduce the appearance of  arms sagging and remove swollen lymph nodes, and these magnetic earrings is basically the solution. After a month my arms were so tight and no more swelling to deal with. I wear it daily and it works like a charm! I have also gotten many compliments about how good my skin looks since using it. It’s just hard to believe that something so simple actually works so well-I’m definitely recommending it to everyone who asks!

Lauren Boyd, 35, Danville, Kentucky

“I have had an issue with my weight and holding extra water in my body, primarily around my waist. My body weight also caused me some back pain that really kills sometimes. Doctor told me that if I continue to gain weight, this might give me some serious health problems. Saw this earring and decided to try it. Wearing this for 1 week, I noticed my waist starting to slim quite a bit. I continued wearing this and saw more results to the point that those love handles are gone. But it was not until recently I noticed that weight is also diminishing! In my 12 weeks of using this I’ve lost 61 lbs! Back pains and other swelling areas are also gone and never reoccur!

Leslie Rollins, 32, Fairfield, Iowa


The lymphatic system constitutes a one-way transport system that operates in conjunction with the circulatory system. Its primary function is to transport excess interstitial fluid, from the interstitial space, back to the blood circulation, via the thoracic duct.


Lymph, also called lymphatic fluid, is a collection of the extra fluid that drains from cells and tissues (that is not reabsorbed into the capillaries) plus other substances. The other substances include proteins, minerals, fats, nutrients, damaged cells, cancer cells and foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, etc). Lymph also transports infection-fighting white blood cells (lymphocytes).

  • Maintains fluid levels in your body
  • Absorbs fats from the digestive tract
  • Protects your body against foreign invaders
  • Transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph

Your lymphatic system, part of your immune system, has many functions. They include protecting your body from illness-causing invaders, maintaining body fluid levels, absorbing digestive tract fats and removing cellular waste. Blockages, diseases or infections can affect your lymphatic system’s function.


The National Institutes of Health reported that aside from surgery & diet plans, magnetic therapy has proven effective over the long term for most patients with clinically severe obesity. After reviewing of literature on magnetic weight loss therapy, we find this approach works for 16 in 20 (approximately 80%) morbidly obese individuals.

Magnetic Therapy is considered to have healing properties because of its high iron content which helps boost blood & lymphatic circulation in the body. Well, we know that if the circulation is poor, cells in your body are being blocked from getting the nutrients & oxygen they need to thrive, resulting in slow metabolism & toxin accumulation.

After therapy, a significant decrease in limb circumference measurements was noted, and an improvement in quality of life was registered. Laboratory examination showed the treatment decreased the deposition of fluid, fat, hyaluronan, and protein, improving the swelling condition. 

Negative ions increase the permeability of the cell membrane which facilitates the absorption of tissue fluid into lymph vessels. Therefore, it can prevent the blockage of the lymphatic system.


  • Release 10x more Negative Ions that Maximizes Fat Burning
  • 5x Powerful Infrared Therapy than other material
  • Emancipate 10x more Anions that reinforces Fat Burning
  • Loosen up bloodstream and Lymph Nodes
  • Lower Lymph Fluid by 60% in 12 weeks
  • Expand the body’s energy and vitality
  • Suitable for Both Men and Women



I have been obese for several years now and it started after I gave birth with my second child. Suddenly my weight accelerated and I could no longer control my appetite. Probably due to the overwhelming responsibilities of having a family, I resorted to stress eating.  But then, I began to feel heavy and easily fatigue and was always nauseous. Then my best friend recommended this Konix Lymphvity Magnetherapy Earring. She told me to try it out because it is very effective. The first week of wearing it I felt a sudden change in my food cravings. I no longer overeat, especially when I am bored.


Two months of consistently wearing the earrings made some remarkable difference on my entire body. I sweat easily now while doing my household chores but to my delight my energy doesn’t easily wear out after a day of activities. Then my belly fats diminished day by day in a natural manner and gave me the chance to allot some time for a quick exercise. So the past 8 weeks showed a great transformation in my entire body.


At last! I was able to slim down my body like how I was before the pregnancy. These earrings are very effective in helping me lose weight and got rid of excess fats and fluids in my body. I was very happy that I kept my faith in this product and trusted myself that I can get back in shape! For those who have the same case as mine, I suggest that you try out these Konix Lymphvity Magnetherapy Earring, it might help you get back on your track and be healthier than ever.

Rachel Carter, Austin, Texas


 Promotes body detoxification
 Hinders clogging in your lymph
 Fights the build-up of obstructions in your lymphatic system
 Diminish chronic inflammation
 Boost lymphatic circulation  
 Decreases swelling caused by water retention Boost immune system


My sister gifted me with these Konix Magnetherapy Earrings because I always complain to her that I suffer from being bloated and that my stomach feels heavy. She told me that maybe, I have fluid retention. So I tried wearing these earrings the moment she gave them to me. A few weeks of constant use had reduced the amount of bloating that I have. I started noticing that my stomach was slowly getting smaller until it went flat after about twelve weeks. I am so happy and decided to just continue wearing it for health purposes.

Martina Blake, 47, Seattle, Washington

I used these Konix Magnetherapy Earrings and I already fell in love with them! I can definitely see a difference in the fluid retention that I have over my chin. The earrings had helped in removing the excess flabs in my chin. I used to complain about it, but when I consistently wore this product, my double chin flattened in just about three months. I was so glad that I trusted my guts and purchased this product. I will recommend it to my family and friends.

Jody Griffin, 28, Chesapeake, Virginia


  • Material: Medical grade magnets, Premium Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black


  • Konix DiamondCut LymphDetox Magnetherapy Earrings x 1 pair

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